In this unit, the robot will move around a kitchen. In the game mode we will perform many activities In addition competences linked to life autonomy will be consolidated. The unit has three levels of increasing difficulty:
Each unit has activities with 3 levels of difficulty:

• In easy level you will have to recognize common kitchen utensils and equipment by moving the robot to the thematic table and associating each image with its name.

• In medium level you can use the provided table or create a personalized; the game will be to associate each utensil with its name and use. It will also be possible to insert the QR Code.

• In advanced level team working should be appreciated. Once the recipe is assigned, each player must move the robot on the thematic board.

Easy Level

Hello, this is our kitchen!
Do you know the names of these utensils?
Move the robot to the table (left, right, or north-south movements each box will be associated to each tool and its name.
You have skills board for help (table of main cooking tools).

Medium Level

Hi, this is our kitchen!
What is "this"?
Move the robot to the table (left, right, or north-south movements each box must associate each tool with its name and the right use. You can enter QR Codes to provide insights and more information.
You have a bulletin board help (table of the main cooking tools and their use).

Advanced Level

We practice our skills.
Now you cook!
Once each player has a recipe, each player or team will have to move the robot on the board by running successfully and respecting the proper order of the actions to be accomplished.
Cooking tutorials links. Other possible activities: You can propose players to make real thematic or ethnic menus.