The robot



The main objective of the project is to contribute to the social and family inclusion of young people and adults with intellectual disabilities by means of a series of ICT and robotic tools, specifically adapted to their needs.

The robot is the element that interacts with the user. Its features, which ensure total freedom for it to be copied and reproduced, are the following:

–  It is developed with open-source hardware

–  The chassis, the casing, the wheels, etc. can be produced entirely by using a 3D printer.




The robot features:

Therefore, we have a DIY project with the instructions to put it together by oneself, using resources which are very easy to acquire and a 3D printer (through the contact page it is also possible to request information on how to obtain an already-assembled robot).

The robot is controlled by using the app; this makes it possible for users to carry out a simple programming process of the robot with a physical device, which can be a mobile phone or a tablet.



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