In this unit about work, basically it would help deepen the knowledge of the activities and skills useful for working, and see what the robot can do in order to practice and achieve important goals for entering and remaining in the Job Market. We will focus on all those soft skills that increase autonomy in the field of work.

Each unit has activities with 3 levels of difficulty:

• In Easy level you are going to recognise your goal on each board and to move the robot on the board (reading ability is not required)

• In medium level you can use the board provided or create your own. We can use QR codes to get more information (it involves reading ability).

• In Advanced level you have to cooperate with others. It’s a level for 2 or more players. It will help you to improve social skills and to respect general and social rules.

Easy Level

Hi, I'm ready for work
What do you want to do when you “grow up”?
Move the robot on the board (Easy level.pdf), discover different jobs and try to choose what you would like to do
Play in couple or in small groups. One person choose a job from the board and through the description made you have to find the right job.

Medium Level

I want to deepen my knowledge of jobs!
Who can I contact if I need something?
The robot can move to different jobs and by using QRcodes you can get more information about the kind of work they do
Play in couple or in small groups and imagine different situations: to who do you go if you need...

Advanced Level

The robot can move to different soft skills. think if you behave like that in specific situations.
In couple or in small groups you can adapt the board (Advanced level.pdf) and create a new one more specific and proper to your job.
Which skills do I already have? What do I still have to work on? Get +3 points for skills you have and -1 for the one you haven't got yet.
Other possible activities: - Dress the robot with proper “clothes” depending on the specific job and role you have chosen - Play in couples using jobs like you do with people in the game “Guess Who”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guess_Who%3F - If you already have a job, you can also use the city board of unit 3, in order to memorize the way to go to the workplace independently.