In this unit, you will be able to learn more about the robot, about your own neighborhood, district or city and about how to behave in different situations outside.

This unit has different activities with 3 levels of difficulty:
• In easy level you are going to move the robot on the board provided or to create your own board, maybe similar to what you see out of the window in your neighborhood
• In medium levelit is possible to use QR codes to get more information about the places: what you can find there, opening times… (It requires reading ability).
• In advanced level you have to cooperate with other people. It’s a level for 2 or more players. By strolling around the city, you can meet old and new friends. Behave accordingly, be polite with other people and always respects the rules of the road.

Easy Level

Hi, I'm ready to move and discover together what your city looks like.
What do you see out of your window?
Move the robot on the board (left-right or north-south …) and discover your town.
You have a help board to use as an example but you can create your own board, to represent the place in which you want to move the robot.

Medium Level

Let's see some places around us!
What do you want to do? Where would you like to go?
Move the robot on the board and find out what your city offers you (facilities, shops, entertainment, sports, …).
You have a board with a lot of different places (places board.pdf A3) but you can create new ones that you like most

Advanced level

Going out with one or more friends.
Shall we meet some friends? Where are they?
Find your friends! The board will be divided in sector (A1-B2-C3...), your friends will tell you where they are...join them as soon as possible.
When you are going around the city with friends, be careful to observe the signals (signs board.pdf A3). Pay attention to respect both social rules and street code. Other possibilities: Before starting to play, customize the robot as if it were a means of transport (bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, car …). It will guide you in your discovery of the city! - You can create an infinite series of new boards or path just using apps like GoogleMaps or with the gps positioning or live street view. - You can also add the name of the streets, roads, squares...to make it easier to remember “the way to go to...” - You can adapt QR codes with specific links, in order to have direct access to facilities websites, public transport timetables...