In this unit, you will be able to learn how to create a daily routine that you can follow every day,  to talk about your habits connected with domestic duties  and to think if you spend enough time on different activities in your life and if you are satisfied with them. 

• In easy level you are going to sort activities that you do in the morning in right order
• In medium level you will think about domestic duties and your attitude to this topic
• In advanced level you will analyse how much time you spend on different activities and if you want to make changes in your life connected to your daily routine.



Easy Level

This level shows the order of activities that people perform in the morning.
What are your habits and in what order you do different things in the morning?
1. Move the robot on the board to sort all activities into the right order. 2. When your robot stands on acard-squarewith each activity answer that questions: Why people should do it? If I do it every morning?
Use the daily routine board. Use an empty board to create your own daily routine visual timetable. Other activities: you can create your board with activities that you need to follow in the right order in the different parts of the day /connected with different areas of your life.

Medium Level

This level helps to check what are the domestic duties that you do, how often you perform each activity, and discus with friend/teacher/parent what are the obstacles that you have to overcome to be more active in your home.
What are different domestic duties that you have?
1. Travel with your robot to the cards with pictures of domestic duties and then... 2 Travel to card describing the frequency of performing that activity in your home and then... 3. Travel to the card describing if you perform that activity alone or with somebody. 4. When your robot stands on a card with each domestic duty answer the questions: What equipment do I need to perform this task? Do I know how to do it? If not, how can I learn it? Do I know how to do it? If not, how can I learn it? Do I like this activity? Why it is important to do it regularly? On the board there are QR codes with tips for shopping, cleaning the house, watering plants and dog walking
Use domestic duties board. On the board there are pictures symbolising domestic duties, cards with information on how often this activity is performed in your home and cards that helps to answer the question with whom you perform duties (alone, I need help, other people do it or different answer)

Advanced Level

Let's talk with other player about activities in your life.
Do you know on what activities you spend your time every day? Are you spending enough time on each activity? Are you happy with your life?
1. Move your robot to a symbol of a chosen area of activities in life. 2. Second player movse the robot to the card that describes the amount of time that every day he/she spends on that activity and then moves the robot to the card that symbolises their attitude to that area of life (I do it too often, I spend too little time on it, I need some changes in that area, I feel just right about it)
Use the board with daily activities. Cards on this board symbolise different activities in your life 1. taking care of health 2. helping other people 3. performing domestic duties 4. sleeping 5. spending time with family 6. learning 7. passive"leisure activities (e.g. watching tv) 8. personal hygiene 9. working 10. sports 11. different area of activity (you can add your own type of activity) 12. eating 13. meeting with