In this initial unit, basically it would be a unit of knowledge of the robot and what it can do: the buttons, their movements, modes of operation, the robot parts etc and start with it.
Each unit has activities with 3 levels of difficulty:

  • In level easy you are going to recognise your goal on each board and to move the robot on the board. (Reading ability is not required. I could only present images of some objects.)
  • In level medium you can use provided board or create your own. On this level It is possible to use QR codes to get more information about the topics and involve ability of reading.
  • In level advanced you have to cooperate with other people. It’s a level for 2 or more players.

Level Easy

Hello, I'm a robot, I'm ready to move and teach you everything I can do!!
Can you give me a name?
Move the robot on the board (movements left, right, or north-south...). Look for combinations of syllables to put me a name that you like.
Look at the combinations of letters and images to which you have to add the ending "BOT". You have a name board.

Level Medium

Let's see some foods and foods from different EU countries.
I'm hungry. Do you feed me?
Take the robot to a meal. Through the QR code you will have more information about it.
You have a food board , but you can create your own with the foods that you like.

Level Advanced

Let’s have a car race for 2 or more players, can also be organzed by teams.
Would you be able to reach the finish first?
With the help of the dice, move the car through the boxes until you reach the finish line.
Be careful with the traps: the screws could cause a flat tire and you loose a turn, and if you run out of gas they tend to start over.