In this level you will train some social skills helpful for interacting with other people.


• In easy level you are going to train how to use polite expressions.
• In medium level you will train to recognise appropriate reactions in different situations, that include refusing, asking for help, apologising. The ability of reading is useful for this level.
• In advanced level you have to cooperate with other people. It’s a level for 2 or more players.

Easy Level

This level helps to learn how to mach polite expressions with situations.
Do you know which polite expressions you should use in which context? Let's check!
Move the robot on the board (movements left, right, or north-south ...). Look at the picture on which your robot is standing. Chose the right polite expression that you should use in the situation that your robot is standing on. Think about one situation from your life in which you use (or you can / should use) those expressions.
Use the social skills1 board . (social skills1.pdf) You can chose polite expressions from this list: Thank you Excuse me, could you help me? I'm sorry Goodbye Good morning/ good afternoon Hi! How are you? Do you need any help? Happy birthday!

Medium Level

This level helps to learn assertiveness- how you could ask for help, refuse, apologise, accept if somebody is refusing you.
Do you know how to react in different social situations? Let's check!
With the help of the dice, move the robot through the boxes until you reach the end of the line. If your robot stands on the box with the picture of a social situation choose which one of two reactions is right in the situation. Move your robot to the box that presents the reaction that is good for you and for other people.
You have a social skills board (social skils2.pdf A3), but you can create your own board with thedescriptionsof other situations If you have problem with reading, ask for help from your parent/teacher/friend etc.

Advanced Level

Recognising emotions of other people is an important skill
Can you match emotions with situations?
First player ask the question "How would I feel if...." (e.g. when nobody asks about my opinion) Other players choses from the board one facial expression that best answers the question and move therobotto the box with chosen emotions. First player decide which facial expression suits best. Player who chose that box gets one point. The winner is the first person who gets 3 points.
Use the board with social skills3. It's a game for at least 3 players. Ask the teacher/parent/friend for help if you need it. Other possible activities: You can talk with a teacher/parent/friend about what kind of thoughts lead to certain emotions(e.g. when I think "I am stupid" I feel sad). What are the behavioural and physiological symptoms that are connected with emotions (e.g. when I get angry my heart starts to beat faster). Why it is good to talk with other people about our thoughts and feelings (e.g. If people knew what I feel they could understand my reactions). I will chose the first bus that comes. It make me feel sad but I don't react. It is normal. Somebody calls you names or reveals your secret to other people without permission. You want to use public transport to get to your home but you don't know which line you have to choose. I will wait until he or her apologises. It was her/his fault that I got so angry. I will ask somebody who is standing at the bus stop for help. You had a quarrel with your friend in which you raised your voice. I go to him/her and tell them politely that I feel angry and ask them to never do it again. You are in the coffee shop. The waitress doesn't talk directly to you but to your carer/ assistant. I am angry but I don't react. It is normal. I will never talk to that person again. I go to them and say "I am sorry, I shouldn't have raised my voice. Can we talk about it again? You ask your friend to lend you something important but he/she says no. I understand that everybody has right to say no. It doesn't change my attitude towards that person. I say "It would be nice if you would talk directly to me".